• Taxation
    • T1 Income Tax Preparation for individuals
    • T2 Income Tax Preparation for corporations
    • T3 Income Tax Preparation for Estates
    • Tax reporting for Not for Profit Organizations
    • Multi-jurisdiction Tax Return Preparation
    • Non-Resident Tax Returns for Capital Property Dispositions
    • Electronic Filing Tax Returns for Individuals and Corporations (where possible)
    • Financial Planning for income tax
  • Bookkeeping, Payroll, GST/PST
    • Bookkeeping for small businesses, farms, and not for profit organizations
    • Payroll preparation for all organizations
    • Goods and service tax reporting for all organizations
  • Financial Statements
    • Financial statements for businesses, farms, corporations and not for profit organizations
  • Audits
    • Audit services for not for profit organizations
    • Audit services for municipalities
  • Consulting
    • Consulting services for achieving accounting efficiency
    • Computerized bookkeeping - setup and training
  • AgriStability & AgriInvest

The Tax Smith

Non Resident Capital Property Dispositions

An individual owning capital property in Canada but a resident for tax purposes of another country is subject to Canadian income tax upon the sale, transfer or deemed disposition of this property. Capital property is immovable land and buildings such as cottages, summer homes or vacant land. The non-resident before they can sell or transfer the property must request an authorization certificate from the tax authorities in Canada before the property can change hands. More...


Debra S. Janoff, B.Sc.

Marjolaine Lance

Debbie Bretzlaff
Personal Income Tax Preparation

Patsy Wickens-Bourgeau
Senior Accountant

Peter B. Smith, B.Sc., CPA, Auditor, CGA
Owner/Principal Accountant


Peter B. Smith, CPA, S.E.N.C.
389 Main St., Box 869
Shawville, Québec J0X 2Y0
(819) 647-2403

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